​​​​​​Keynote Presentations
Lynn Moline is an accomplished speaker who challenges and stimulates audiences with thought-provoking messages and an energetic style. Bringing stories, wisdom, and wit to her presentations, she has spoken for hundreds of business and organizational audiences and always wins high praise. Her topics:

Leading Without Authority
Some of the most amazing leaders throughout history never had prestigious titles or held high office. Learn what these people do so you can become an amazing leader yourself, no matter what your position or walk of life. You’ll feel empowered!

Logical Reasons for Being Less Logical: Getting the Most Out of Your Brain at Work
One of
the brain’s amazing abilities is the way it learns complex patterns and then runs them on autopilot. But that very feature can also get in the way of clear, fresh thinking.This presentation describes some surprising ways to use all of your brain for better performance. Click here for one more clip.

Say What? How to Make Yourself Understood
In a world of distractions and short attention spans, how do you get people to understand what you tell them and do what you want them to do? This humorous, eye-opening presentation shares the five secrets of communication that everyone needs to know.

Surprise Yourself!
If you’ve ever thought for a moment that fate and your boss call all the shots in your life, think again. With humor, anecdotes, and thought provoking questions, this refreshing presentation challenges you to become the most powerful influence in your own life.

Continuous Improvement: A Way of Thinking, a Way of Working
In today’s hyper-competitive global world, only the constantly evolving organizations thrive. Be inspired to make improvement a part of your culture by hearing–and seeing–how others do it. Whether your company “speaks” six sigma or lean, your team will be motivated.
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Our Services

Strategic Planning and Expert Facilitation  
Our expert facilitators have delivered focused, winning plans for scores of companies and organizations. We facilitate:
•  Strategic planning for setting longer-term vision, goals, and direction.
•  Operational planning for defining near-term priorities, actions, and accountability for    results.
•  Project planning and project management for completing special tasks on time and      within budget.

•  Board retreats.

We use tools and techniques that keep your group engaged, energized, creative, and focused. We know how to draw out divergent perspectives and opinions to identify priorities and produce the best possible decisions, plans, and outcomes for your organization.
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Leadership Training and Development 
Are leaders made or born? We still don’t know the answer, but we do know how to advance any leader toward his or her full potential.  We’ve expanded the capabilities of hundreds of leaders at all stages of their careers to engage teams and individuals and achieve outstanding results for their organizations.

We do this with a variety of training and development options, all specially tailored to each client’s unique needs:

Training and Development for Middle Managers 
Middle managers are a critical link in every organization because they translate strategy into front-line action. Our seminars refresh their capabilities and reignite their passion for leading. Contact us about our standard seminars or ask us to customize topics for your organization.

Supervisory and Front Line Manager Skills Training  
The single most influential factor in employee performance is the quality of the immediate supervisor, and the majority of your employees report to front line supervisors. Give your front line managers, including new and emerging leaders, the competencies they need to lead their teams to success.
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New Manager On-boarding
Speed the development of positive, productive working relationships between new managers and their teams. Reduce anxiety and replace it with answers to the questions new managers and their staffs have about each other. Click here to read how we do it.

Used in conjunction with training, consulting, or coaching, our assessments reveal strengths and developmental areas for individuals and teams:

  • 360˚ leadership performance feedback surveys
  • Tracom™ Social Styles profiles 
  • DiSC™ profiles  
  • Emotional intelligence inventories  
  • Team effectiveness assessments 

Executive Coaching
Executive coaching†increases the effectiveness of leaders and thus the performance of their organizations. Our trained, seasoned coaches work one-on-one to help leaders achieve critical self-awareness, hone skills, and lead authentically. Learn more by clicking here.

Management Team Building and Alignment
What happens at the top ripples through the entire organization. What kind of waves is your senior team sending? We work with your senior team to build trust and cohesion; identify and align priorities; establish norms for interaction, communication, and decision making; and lead by example to create and sustain the culture needed for success.  

Business Process Effectiveness
How efficiently is your organization running? Do your operations, service, and administrative processes run smoothly and produce the intended results every time? All work is a process, and every process can be improved. Contact us to help you improve your processes and remove costly inefficiency. Our consultants can:
• Facilitate your kaizen and other process improvement teams.
• Teach you to apply lean manufacturing and lean enterprise techniques. 
• Provide problem solving training.